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  • About Frontier Veterinary Hospital, White Settlement Vet
    About Frontier Veterinary Hospital, White Settlement Vet

    Compassionate Care in White Settlement

    At Frontier Veterinary Hospital, our team of knowledgeable veterinarians work together to provide you and your pet with the services you need in a warm and welcoming envinronment.

    Our Hospital

  • Comprehensive Veterinary Services, White Settlement Vet
    Comprehensive Veterinary Services, White Settlement Vet

    Comprehensive Veterinary Services

    We offer comprehensive veterinary services for all of our White Settlement patients' needs. From routine exams to dental care and vaccinations, Frontier Veterinary Hospital is here for you and your pet. 

    Our Services

  • Welcoming New Patients at Frontier Veterinary Hospital
    Welcoming New Patients at Frontier Veterinary Hospital

    Always Welcoming New Patients

    Book your first appointment with our veterinarians today to receive the compassionately delivered services that your pet needs and deserves. While they are in our care, we treat our patients like family.

    Patient Information

Welcome to Our Animal Hospital in White Settlement

Frontier Veterinary Hospital is a full-service Fort Worth animal hospital dedicated to offering comprehensive and compassionate medical service to dogs and cats in the White Settlement area.  

We offer a wide variety of services tailored to White Settlement pets' every need, from preventive care and routine vaccinations to dental care and internal medicine.

We are proud to care for animals in the White Settlement area and have worked hard to develop a deserved reputation for high-quality Fort Worth vet services delivered with care and compassion.

Welcome to the Frontier Veterinary Hospital family, we cannot wait to meet and serve you and your beloved pet.

About Our Hospital

Routine Wellness Exams

Routine Exams

Prioritize your pet's health and wellbeing with routine wellness exams and checkups.

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Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

Preventive Care

Prevent a wide array of diseases and conditions with vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments.

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Veterinary Dental Care

Dental Care

Improve your pet's oral health with routine dental checkups and restorative surgery.

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Veterinary Diagnostics & Lab

Lab & Diagnostics

We support our excellent service with advanced in-house diagnostic technology.

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Veterinary Surgery

Using advanced surgical techniques and stringent safety protocols, our Frontier Veterinary Hospital vets provide dedicated surgical services to your pet.

From soft tissue to orthopedic surgeries and from voluntary surgeries likes spays & neuters to emergency c-sections, our veterinary team are here for you are your pet. Our expertise and state-of-the-art facility mean your pet will be treated and recover in no time.

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Puppies & Kittens in White Settlement
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  • They have provided compassionate care for my pets for 20 years. A few days after I took my 9 year old pit bull Vinny in for shots and itching ears (which cleared up in one day), Dr. Deborah Dailey called to see how he was doing.
    Frank P.

Emergency Services

At Frontier Veterinary Hospital, we offer urgent and emergency veterinary care during our hospital's regular hours.

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Geriatric Care

Help to maintain your pet's quality of life as they age with routine preventive and proactive care throughout their golden years.

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Meet Our Team

Our knowledgeable and personable veterinary team is here for you and your pet regardless of the health issue. Their passion for pets makes all the difference. 

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Internal Medicine

Get diagnoses and treatments for a wide range of internal diseases, disorders and conditions to help your pet get back to themselves.

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Tips & Advice From Our Team

Read our blog for helpful information about caring for your pet, and how to keep them healthy, happy, and thriving.

Why isn't my dog eating?

Why isn't my dog eating?

Is your dog not eating their food even though it's usually gone in seconds? There are quite a few reasons why a dog may stop eating out of nowhere. Our Frontier Veterinary Hospital vets discuss some of the most common reasons, as well as how to respond when your dog won't eat.

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Is my dog overweight?

Is my dog overweight?

You see your dog so frequently, it can be difficult to tell when they've put on a few pounds. Here are some common causes for overweight dogs, our White Settlement vets have some tips to help them shed some pounds.

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My Dog is Constipated: What Can I Do?

My Dog is Constipated: What Can I Do?

Constipation in dogs may seem like a minor problem but it can be life-threatening depending on the cause. Here, our White Settlement veterinary team offers advice on what to do if your dog is constipated.

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How to Raise a Puppy

How to Raise a Puppy

Puppies make adorable additions to the family, but do require specific love and care. Today, our White Settlement vets discuss what you should know about raising a puppy, especially in its critical first year.

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We Are Always Welcoming New Patients

Our White Settlement veterinary team treats your pets as if they were our own. Book your first appointment today and join the Frontier Veterinary Hospital family.

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